Diagnostic Imaging Centre

Diagnostic Imaging Centre

Diagnostic Imaging Centre

Mission Statement

With the most up-to-date radiological technology, Diagnostic Imaging Centre serves as a comprehensive imaging centre located in Central business district on the Hong Kong Island. Operated by a crew of experienced and professionally trained technicians and radiologists, Diagnostic Imaging Limited performs its wide-range services with utmost quality and efficiency.

3D Mammography

Women 40 years old or above should begin to have mammograms for detection of breast cancer.

3D mammography is an FDA- approved state of the art technology for breast cancer detection. Multiple projections increase the sensitivity to pick up early breast cancer.

Benefits over conventional 2D mammography:

.Detect more invasive cancers
.Enhance detection performance
.Reduced false positive recalls
.Higher quality images and resolution
.Improve patient comfort

3D Mammogram (Download Leaflet)
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Waiting Area
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Ultrasound Room
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3D Mammogram Machine

Bone Densitometer

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